Welcome to the Home of Makerere University School of Public Health (MakSPH).

MakSPH, as we like to call it, is one of the most pleasant places to study and is a very academically challenging school of the College of Health Sciences at Makerere University. By visiting our website, you are walking through our virtual front door and I am glad you've joined us.

At the heart of our mission is teaching, research, service to community and providing an engaging, inclusive and unique student experience.

First time visitors to our site will quickly realize that MakSPH is a progressive School committed to providing its students with:

  • Excellent, contemporary, academically challenging programmes:
  • Quality teaching:
  • Up-to-date learning environment:
  • Access to nationally and internationally acclaimed researchers:

With the growth in faculty numbers and qualifications, increased enrolment, and more funding over the past few years, the School has been invigorated and is currently poised to achieve even greater success for its students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Everyone involved with MakSPH is united by a common desire to make a contribution and make the world a better place. Through this website, you will get to know of the diverse events, overwhelming achievements and groundbreaking analysis and research at MakSPH.

The Makerere University School of Public Health is home to the Family Health Research and Development Centre funded by John Hopkins, the One Health East and Central Africa (OHCEA) funded by USAID, the Knowledge Translation Network for Africa (K-NET Africa) funded by Global Health Policy and Health Systems research programme (GHPHSR), The Resilient Africa Network (RAN) funded by USAID, Center for Tobacco Control in Africa (CTCA) funded by Bill and Melinda Gates

Foundation, the Africa Hub funded by Department for International Development (DFID) U.K, the Traid funded by John Hopkins and the Regional Centre for Quality of Health Care funded by USAID, which produce data, findings and recommendations that inform health policy and practice to improve health outcomes in Uganda and the African region.

Among the prominent works at the school is Monitoring and Evaluation Technical Support  (METS), HIV Fellowship programmes, PHF program, Health System Research and Centre of Excellence for Maternal and Newborn Health Research.

The School prides itself in the numerous partnerships in Africa and other continents. For example through the Resilient Africa Network (RAN) MakSPH partners with 20 African Universities in 16 African Countries and two USA Universities visit ranlab.org for details, though OHCEA, MakSPH has partnerships with 14 schools of Public Health and Vetenary in the Regional African Countries and two USA Universities visit ohcea.org for details.Through partnerships and collaborations the school has been able to mobilize reasonable grants that propel the research support for the school and Makerere University as a whole.

Remember you are visiting the only school of Public Health in Uganda the corner of several Schools of Public Health in the Region. Come and we work together to change the lives of our communities

To our students, staff members or faculty, I do believe the MakSPH vibrant online presence will help make your work even more productive and visible.

I invite you to explore our website, watch our videos, visit our campus, and talk with the faculty, staff and leadership who are eager to connect with you.

Thank you for your interest in MakSPH. I hope that our research, our teaching, and our mission inspire you to BE A CONTRIBUTION.

God bless you.

William Bazeyo

Dean School of Public Health

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